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Arti Special Agreement

There are three ways for a country to submit its dispute with another country to the International Court of Justice. First, with a special agreement. The two or more countries in dispute have jointly filed the case with the International Court of Justice as part of an agreement. „States parties to this statute may at any time declare that they recognize the jurisdiction of the Court of Justice as mandatory ipso facto and without special agreement in all disputes, with respect to any other state that accepts the same obligation, with respect to the jurisdiction of the Court in all disputes: „In any event , the procedure of mutual agreement is clearly a special procedure outside of domestic law… Second, the POP is a „special“ solution for dispute resolution (rehabilitation) outside the realm of internal dispute resolution, such as objections or remedies.B. The MAP is considered to be unique because it is a consultation process and not a dispute. It is also highlighted in paragraph 8 of the commentary on Article 25 of the OECD model, which states that, in general, jurisdiction can be interpreted as an ability of international law to define and enforce the rule of law. This also applies to MI, where jurisdiction is used as a basis for deciding disputes on the basis of international law. In the case of an eligible or eligible case in the IM, the state, as a party, must accept the jurisdiction of MI. 3 With the exception of the 17 cases in Footnote 2, which were brought by the meaning of a particular agreement, all the cases in issue were brought before the Court by an application to open proceedings, whether the jurisdiction of the Court of Justice was based on a provision of a treaty or convention, declarations recognizing the jurisdiction of the Court of Justice as mandatory.

, by each of the litigants or any other presumed form of consent. Indonesia interprets the 4 dera line to 10 minutes of LU continues towards the sea. For this reason, Indonesia argues that the 1891 Convention regulates not only Borneo`s land borders, but also maritime borders. This was reinforced by the Mukadimah Convention of 1891, which held that the convention had been created to establish the border between Dutch territory on the island of Borneo and the island country, which is under British control. Finally, POPs applications must be filed within three years of the first notice that resulted in litigation. As a general rule, the first statement can be interpreted as a letter of taxation or as a disclosure of the results of the audit. The key element in the application of effective vocational education is clearly the absence of legislation, legislation or regulation concerning the status of the territory. This certainly corresponds to the importance of occupatio (read okupatio), which means administrative action and not physical occupation. Other treaties and conventions that have been concluded previously and under the jurisdiction of the Permanent Court of International Justice should be added to these agreements, given that Article 37 of the Statute of the International Court of Justice stipulates that whenever an effective treaty or convention provides for a reference to a court, the League of Nations must have been established.

, or to the Permanent Court of International Justice, the case is referred to the International Court of Justice between the parties to the Statute.

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