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Gfebs Share Purchase Agreement

The military`s General Fund Enterprise Business System (GFEBS), one of the world`s largest enterprise financial systems, will complete its migration to a commercial cloud in the next fiscal year, as part of a modernization program that includes agile transformation and shared services. GFEBS, which processes more than $164 billion in transactions annually and has more than 35,000 users in 71 countries, allows the service to share financial, wealth and accounting data with the finance department and the Office of Management and Budget. Last year, the army launched a shared duty pilot with about 500 DHA employees, and this month they embarked 350 Navy members. The pilot project includes staff in the Washington, D.C, Quantico, Virginia, and Jacksonville, Florida metropolitan area. The only problem she presented to us is what she has to use as a purchasing unit if she can`t use JOB. PEFUTAH did not ask us for proposals for contract restructuring, although its problem is closely related to the structuring of contracts. Let us insist on the word unity. When selecting a purchase unit for a CLIN or SUBCLIN, each unit must be the same as any other unit, as each CLIN or SUBCLIN must have a unique unit price. This requires a Part 13 framework purchase agreement. If the acquisitions are made outside the United States and to support emergency operations, you will make micro-purchases. You do not need an IDIQ contract. It will be as simple as possible.

More recently, VA partnered with the Department of Agriculture in 2016 to purchase and implement CGI`s momentum software, but the USDA denounced the common services agreement a year later. HOUR could work as a purchasing unit, but the quantity could only be an estimate, which could create problems. In addition, the time is not a valid purchasing unit for a T&M contract. „In the past, we have focused on the hardware and what the hardware can do and what the database can do. We don`t have those conversations anymore. We are talking about data. So our focus allows us to look at the data and see what the data can do for us,“ Putman said.

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