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Img Licensing Agreement

The very brief and succinct press release states that the new agreement replaces the original 2014 agreement. The announcement puts an end to several years of speculation about the relationship between Imagination and Apple, as well as the role of IP imagination in Apple`s latest GPU designs. Interestingly, all official mentions and press releases related to the battle between Apple and Imagination were removed from the websites of the two companies at some point after kerfuffle (we noticed this in 2018), indicating that they may have reached an agreement. Today`s announcement confirms that both companies have buried the hatchet and that Apple will continue to license and use Imagination`s intellectual property in the years to come. Imagination Technologies announced today that Apple has signed a new multi-year license with the company that continues to give the Cupertino company access to Imagination`s intellectual property. Other Gap Inc. trademarks than the license agreement could be extended to the Old Navy, Athleta, Intermix and Hill City brands. „We are pleased to expand our relationship with PepsiCo after a successful two-year series of contract signings,“ said Matthew Primack, Senior Vice President of IMG. „With a carefully considered strategic approach to millennials, we have expanded the brand licensing program across Europe. We look forward to expanding PepsiCo`s thriving portfolio of trendy apparel and expanding it to other brand-related categories. EUROPA – PepsiCo has renewed its licensing agreement with IMG for the Pepsi, 7Up and Mountain Dew brands across Europe. Bruno Maglione, President of Licensing, IMG, added: „Brigitte Bardot is a beauty and fashion icon who is not competitive in terms of the continued relevance and charm of her style. Since its appointment in 2016, IMG has held a year-round licensing program for brand cooperation and products inspired by the 309-year-old racecourse and its flagship Royal Ascot festival. Lewin, Oliver Brown, Radley London, Christy`s Hats, Christy`s Hats, Christy, Charbonnel & Walker and more, include exclusive collections with well-established British brands like Favourbrook, T.M.

Lewin, Oliver Brown, Radley London, Christy`s Hats, Christy, Charbonnel & Walker and more, with products sold worldwide in licensees` standard stores as well as in dealerships and online. The new multi-year licensing agreement will initially focus on the Gap, Banana Republic and Janie and Jack brands, „expanding their reach and helping to bring to market complementary products that embody the company`s various brand labels,“ the distribution group said in a statement. Gap Inc., a global fashion trading group, has named the leader in the IMG license as the first exclusive delegate to the multi-brand license, as the company envisions expansion with intergroup product extensions that will help it introduce new audiences around the world to its brand portfolio. Ascot Racecourse has extended until 2025 its exclusive global licensing representation and on-site retail agreement with IMG. Bruno Maglione, President of Licensing, IMG, added: „Over the past 50 years, Gap Inc. has created a portfolio of powerful brands that have firmly established themselves in popular culture and with consumers around the world. These brands are well-known names that we all trust and that we have bought and lived. Gap Inc. wants to go beyond leisure apparel and denim staples to expand its brand universe, attract new customers and find distribution channels outside of its own stores. . .


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