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Introducer Agreement (Fee For Single Transaction) Template

The pricing clause may be arranged to function as a no-win-no-fee agreement, under which the importer is not entitled to a fee in the absence of an agreement between the supplier and a potential customer. This introductory agreement is intended to be used if the supplier wishes to conclude a contract with a single customer, possibly in a new market or geographical region that may or may not be specifically identified. If the intended customer is not mentioned, the criteria plan for potential customers provides that the supplier will include all the requirements it has for the new customer that the importer must find. This introductory agreement (fee for a single transaction) is intended to be used when a party (supplier of a product or service) wishes to engage a person other than importers of customers or suppliers. Alexandros Ioannides AI &PARTNERS LTD 03.01.2012 Really simple – much easier than I expected!! Stephanie Carswell Abbey Language Ltd 29/02/2012 Excellent service really easy to use Lisa Clubb Optimum Dry Wall Ltd 28/02/2012 Everything was very simple and easy to understand…

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