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Severn Trent Build Over Agreement

However, it is important that none of these permits automatically give you permission to build or build the sewers of a water company. For this reason, we have a building above or near the team and process. Work with you to ensure that your development can progress while ensuring that your property and our sewers are protected. All companies in the water sector have legal rights to access public sewers located on private land. These include sewers located below or near a property. If permission to construct a sewer has been granted, Severn Trent will still attempt to reach the sewage drainage channel without disturbing the land. If this is unavoidable, they will repair all damage caused within the limit of what is reasonable. If a sewer has been constructed without authorization, Severn Trent has the right to access the sewers and protect it by any means it deems appropriate. In extreme circumstances, this may involve all buildings that relate to a public sewer being modified or removed at the owner`s expense. Common problems in build-over agreements that are not professionally designed (DIY): First, that the building or extension or work involving support requires control of the building, therefore both details of the proposal and a copy of the construction agreement provided by the sanitation authority.

For more information and a build-over request, click here The site of many major public sewers installed after 1937 is known to severn Trent Water.

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