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Tenancy Agreement Clause For Pets

If only standard clauses are included, the landlord can only expect the tenant to pay for professional cleaning if the property was professionally cleaned at the beginning. Pests must be present if you want to pay for pest treatment and the tenant might consider deductions for pet damage as „fair use“. All this must be supported by written evidence. When signing this lease, the tenant pays a deposit to cover all damage caused by his pet during the rental of the property or furniture. It`s so irritating! It is the man who is the problem, not the animal! Just meet your potential tenant, see if he is maintained, do 6 monthly checks in the field. I guarantee you that if they are responsible owners, they would not refuse it. I agree with the comments below, circumstances are changing! I am now desperately looking for a good dog owner, because my 10-year-old partner is going to join the RAF and leave me in a house I can`t afford. It`s annoying for me to come across an owner`s site that treats animals as „flute bags“. What an absolute sting you are.

Dogs trust that so many dogs will be delivered to them because circumstances change and people go to rented properties that refuse to accommodate the dog. We are a generation of tenants. Landlords need to change their attitude towards pets, because instead they are only lied to by tenants. From the tenant`s point of view, I agree with John with the landlord, yes, I have pets that I should not have, but my house is very well maintained and I am up to date with rent etc. But these tenants have gone a little further to create such a business, I would also say that if the house is in order and the rent is up to date, allow them to keep their pets, but the store must stop, at another time, even a dog nursery or whatever, should be inspected by the local authority, you could ask if they have done so, as they will work illegally if they have not. I hope you will be sorted. As a landlord and tenant with pets, I would only consider getting rid of the dog if there are complaints from neighbors, for example, for noise. If pets behave, they should pose a lower risk to your belongings than children or students, let`s be honest.

Shame on her. Yes, pet owners and parents are responsible for the behavior of their pets and children and therefore for fixing what they break. I caused more damage by spoiled brats without social recognition than by any pet. Their owners/parents should educate them not to destroy the house and to behave in a way that does not upset the neighbors. These include noise, barking and screaming of play and basic training. Pets and children can and should be trained, unfortunately, in many cases their parents and owners also need to be trained. Depending on the original output of this thread, laminates or vinyls, carpets are simply unhygienic and too easy to destroy or taint without pets. Let tenants lay their own carpets and thick support if they prefer a gentle walk. In the event of damage caused by pets, with or without specific „pet clauses“, the tenant remains responsible and liable. . .


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