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The North American Free Trade Agreement Was Intended To Promote Trade Among Member Countries By

One of the main NAFTA provisions granted to products imported from other NAFTA countries is the status of „domestic goods“. No national, provincial or local government could impose taxes or customs duties on these goods. In addition, either tariffs were eliminated at the time of the agreement or should be phased out in 5 or 10 equal steps. The only exception at exit was the specified sensitive stations, for which the end-of-life period is 15 years. Since the implementation of NAFTA, the agricultural trade balance between the United States and Mexico has shifted from a trade surplus to a trade deficit (Chart 7). Over the past five years (2012-2016), the U.S. trade deficit with Mexico averaged $1.1 billion per year, taking into account alternating periods of trade surplus and deficit. The deficit has risen more sharply in recent years, with U.S. agricultural imports from Mexico generally continuing to rise, while U.S. exports to Mexico have declined. . .


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