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What Countries Does Australia Have A Social Security Agreement With

3. The reduction, suspension or exit clauses provided by Spanish law for pensioners working will also apply to them when they engage in such activity in Australia. The appropriate institution of Canada pays this benefit to that person as of that date. The same applies to a benefit application received prior to the entry into force of this agreement, but on which the competent institution of Canada has not yet made a decision at the time this agreement comes into force. 2. Unless otherwise provided, the legislation covered by this article does not contain social security contracts concluded by a party with a third country. (ii) in accordance with its own legislation, for other social security purposes, including the associated judicial procedure. (d) any recovery of a deceased person`s social security debt is limited to the value of that person`s estate; Article 5 applies, if applicable, to cash benefits paid under German workers` compensation insurance to beneficiaries who are Australian nationals and who usually reside in Australia, provided that legislation in Australia or in a state or state provides, with respect to statutory accident insurance, the payment of cash benefits equivalent to German nationals who are normally in the territory of the Federal Republic. Germany. This provision applies, if applicable, to persons covered in paragraphs (a) (ii) and (iv) of Article 3 who normally reside in Australia, provided that applicable legislation in Australia, a state or a federal state or a Land state provides, with respect to compulsory accident insurance, the payment of cash benefits corresponding to persons covered by paragraphs (a) (ii) iii) and iv). who usually reside in the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany; (b) not to exclude the payment of family payments under social security laws in Australia, including laws amended or adapted by laws that implement a social security agreement with a third country; (h) „stay,“ a place of permanent residence for the person concerned, in accordance with the laws in force in the contracting party; 11…………. The portability of the pension or allowance for international agreements……………. 4 If you do not apply within four weeks and do not return to New Zealand, your life benefit (health, injury, disability or totally blind) will be terminated after four weeks after leaving New Zealand and you must repay all payments made from the day after departure from New Zealand.

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